Nassau County Parks, including the ice rink will be closed until at least April 15th.

History of Cantiague Figure Skating Club


Some members remember hearing that the club first started from discussions that took place in someone’s living room, prior to 1968. The original logo is present on the pin pictured here and it contains the date 1967.  The Club was formerly and legally formed when the Certificate of Incorporation was signed on 1/27/68.  The group who signed that certificate included 5 Board members: Jerome Zeitler, J.M. Seitz, Dale Merken, Edith Benedict and Gabriele Lubitz.  That certificate states the purpose of the club as:

To stimulate interest in, to encourage the instruction, practice, and advancement of the members in compulsory figures, free skating, pair skating, dancing and all types of figure skating; to stimulate interest in, to encourage and cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among ice skaters; to sponsor, produce or cooperate in the production of amateur ice carnivals and show; to generally do and perform other such acts as may be necessary, advisable , proper or incidental in the realization of the objects and purposes of this organization; and to carry out the general policies of the Unites States Figure Skating Association.


Through the years, the Cantiague Figure Skating Club has clearly fulfilled its original mission!  Basic skills instruction has taken place to prepare and encourage the beginning skater.  Training in compulsory figures was encouraged until it was replaced by “moves in the field” skills.  Freestyle sessions are most popular and continue to this day.  Ice dancing has always been encouraged within this club, from its earliest days.  The club purchased new music to help prepare our ice dancers for testing and competition.  Pair teams and dance teams are encouraged to use the ice sessions that we have available to us.  Ice carnivals have taken place annually and the famous “Fantasia Show” is still remembered by many of the current members.  Nationals were sponsored by the Long Island Clubs in the year 1986.  Cantiague Figure Skating Club sponsored North Atlantics in 1993, Governing Council in 1996, and Easterns in 1997.  Participation in The Goodwill Games in the year 1998 was a wonderful experience for all.  Our test program is second to none on Long Island and encourages our skaters to excel in their skill development.  Our annual Holiday Party and North Atlantic send off party brings skaters and their families together to share comraderie and have some fun.  The Trophy Cup Competition has been in existence since the beginning years and The Holiday Classic competition has been around for nearly a decade. 


It is the sincere hope of the current Board of Directors of the Cantiague Figure Skating Club to continue the legacy which has been passed on for over 40 years.  All members are encouraged to participate and assist in this endeavor with their own ideas and efforts.


Paul Pasarac 

Jerome Zeitler   

Edward Clougher

Jerome Zeitler

Richard Torres

Reiss Gurwitt 1984-1988

Mr. Como 1988-1993

Thomas Dodge 1993 - 2000

Robert Lerner 2000 - 2007

Diane Klein 2007-2013

Robert Fader 2013-2016

Liz Eldredge- Present